Index of Packaging
Food Box
FB011 Chinese Pudding Gift Box
FB012 Chinese Cake Box
FB003 Cake Box
FB004 Cake Box
FB005 Cake Box
FB006 Cake Box
FB007 Food Gift Box
FB008 Bottle Packaging Box
FB009 Food Gift Box
FB010 Seasonal Food Packaging Gift Box
FB001 Food Gift Box
FB002 Food Gift Box
Shopping Bag
SB001 Paper Bag
SB002 Paper Bag
SB003 Paper Bag
SB004 Paper Bag
SB005 Paper Bag
SB006 Paper Bag
SB007 Paper Bag
SB008 Paper Bag
Mooncake Box
Mooncake Box Video - Scan QR code
MCB004 Mooncake Box
MCB001 Mooncake Box
MCB001-B Mooncake Box
MCB002 Mooncake Box
MCB002-B Mooncake Box
MCB003 Mooncake Box
MCB003-B Mooncake Box
MCB005 Mooncake Box
MCB005-B Mooncake Box
MCB006 Mooncake Box
MB006-B Mooncake Box
Wine Box
PWC001 Wine Box Packaging
PWC002 Wine Bottle Gift Box
PWB1 Video - Scan QR code - Premium Wine Box Packaging
PWB1 Premium Wine Box Packaging
PWB2 Premium Wine Box Packaging
PWB3 Premium Wine Box Packaging
PWB5 Premium Wine Box Packaging
PWB6 Premium Wine Box Packaging
PWB7 Premium Wine Box Packaging
PWB8 Premium Wine Bottle Gift Bag with Clear Window
PWB4 Premium Wine Box Packaging
Chocolate Box
Red Packet Box
RPB 2016 | Red Packet Box 2016
RPB 2017 | Red Packet Box 2017
RPB 2018 | Red Packet Box 2018
RPB 2019 | Red Packet Box 2019
RPB 2020 | Red Packet Box 2020
RPB 2021 | Red Packet Box 2021
RPB 2022 | Red Packet Box 2022
Red Packet
Red packets are chinese tradition to give out blessings to others. With the combination of tradition and art, Red packet with innovative and brilliant design is an effective way for the company marketing.
A bright and eye-catching package can impress and motivate people to buy your product. With our strong marketing sense, we can help to launch a remarkable packaging for your products so as to give a strategic insight to differentiate yours in the market.
Branding is important nowadays to express the essential truth and value of an organization or product. Our desktop calendars, notebooks and memo pads are exquisite and impressive which communicate the characteristics, values and attributes to give uniquen
Dedicated design plus high quality standard can enhance the beauty and attractiveness of a product

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